Hey guys, believe it or not, most women really couldn’t care less about the size of their man’s penis. But that doesn’t change the fact that guys want to have as large a member as possible. However, there is no absolute proven way to actually experience penis enlargement other than undergoing surgery.

On the other hand, what is possible is that a guy can get his penis harder than he’s used to, which, in turn, can actually make it look larger than normal. That is more than enough to make most guys feel good about themselves and their women are left much more satisfied after having sex with a guy who’s rock hard. Not only will she feel better during the sex, but she will also feel more attractive because she’ll see herself as more desirable due to how turned on the guy’s body will feel, and that’s an advantage no man should pass up.

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    Welcome to EP. The Erotic Potions (EP) Company came about as a way of solving many personal individual bedroom grievances and to enhance the connection or reconnection of relationships. Finding trustworthy and quality ‘hard hitting’ pills that could achieve results naturally was like finding a needle in a haystack so Dr T decided to take matters into her own hands. Dr T is a wife and mother with a doctorate in pharmacology and over 20 years of formulation experience.  She is passionate about helping others achieve holistic health by overcoming body imbalances, improving relationships and also supports  good ol’ fashion fun, passion and excitement in the bedroom and beyond. Whether you’re on a fierce mission to secure the most mind blowing sexual enhancers to bring into your life or are on a quest to find a solution to a very sensitive health issue, EP is a toxic free haven dedicated to sharing everything from heartfelt personal anecdotes to engaging sexual escapades, up to date news and information, scientific research and insight into health related topics to not only improve passion in the bedroom but promote better overall health and support individual personal successes in all other areas of life.  Because when a man has his ‘love handle’ handled, he can take on the world! EP subscribes to a natural manhood mantra, which values the use of high quality researched and clinically tested natural ingredients to achieve specific sexual enhancement oriented goals and enhance overall body and mind health.  We believe in choosing naturally derived ingredients over chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs hands down!  Each doctor formulated product has been devised by blending together the marvels of modern science with ancient medicinal remedies to create natural, safe and effective potent botanical supplements free from toxins and side effects. Our writing extraordinaires, aka as our ‘EP tree huggers’ Rich Shearer and Sarah G lead our EP ‘man tribe’ though a sexual wonderland of data, blogs and their own personal accounts throughout our site.  Rich, a married 62 year old former executive is burdened with health issues, aging and a crippling penis. Having spent the last ten years sourcing information, talking to doctors and therapists, he’s found his passion in writing all about things passion. With her therapist background and having dated her way around the world for twenty years, 38 year old Sarah offers a princess perspective on a man’s prized crown jewels. From feasting on wholesome, engaging articles to chowing down on vitamins, we are committed to a natural approach to health and are across every aspect of our entire brand. EP stands by clean, wholesome, honest, GMP certified, made in the USA, 100% natural products that are at the very forefront of cutting edge technology. The EP tribe believe that no matter what ‘healthy sex life’ means to you it is deserved by all men. The post Home appeared first on Male Enhancement.

    How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

    Sociologist Edward Laumann, PhD, studied data that was gathered by the National Health and Social Life survey, and found that about one third of the men in the U.S. need premature ejaculation help. Though some think this applies only to younger men, it actually affects men of all ages; though aging does seem to help somewhat. As with any widespread problem, there are always solutions, and effective options to overcome premature ejaculation is no exception. If a man and his partner are clearly not having any issues with the fact that the man is pretty quick to climax, then it’s not something to be concerned about. However, most men are prone to worry about it even if their partner tells them it’s no big deal. Fortunately, there are many ways to handle it (no pun intended). Actually, handling it can be an effective solution. For example, masturbation has proven to be one of several effective solutions. Most men will experience delayed ejaculation as a result of having more orgasms. So if you typically have two orgasms a week, then double that by masturbating two times a week. If that doesn’t give you the results you’re after, then double it again. Since one of the keys to delaying an orgasm is self-control, masturbation can help you learn how to do that as well. Another method that works quite well is for the man to bring his partner up to the edge of having an orgasm, and then complete the joyful experience the way you normally would. With this, you both reach climax at about the same time. It helps to have clear and open communication with each other so that you know what helps bring her to the brink, and can make this as enjoyable for both of you as it can possibly be. Another way that has proven to be very effective was developed by sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson. It involves the man squeezing his penis firmly as he senses the approaching climax, with the effect being that it suppresses desire and results in controlling premature ejaculation. Don’t give up just because it may not work the first time you try it. Could be you just waited a little too late to put the choke hold on your penis. You can also use desensitizing creams, or wear a condom or two, and though it works, most men aren’t particularly fond of this idea. In Europe they’ve come up with an antidepressant that men can take a few hours before sex and it delays premature ejaculation by a couple of minutes. Though it doesn’t sound like much, men with the problem feel it’s helpful. However, that has not been approved by the FDA, so you won’t find it in U.S. just yet.Herbal Pills Can Provide Premature Ejaculation Help—Fact or Fiction?If none of the above seem to hit your hot button, and you’re till asking yourself ‘how do I stop premature ejaculation’, then consider what an herbal pill may do for you. Though herbal products are not a cure-all, they have been scientifically proven to be effective in some areas, and many men have used them for premature ejaculation treatment. There are several substances that have been clinically proven to work, but at the top of the list are Tribulus Terrestris and Ginseng. In fact, WebMD posted reviews from 21 men who rated ginseng’s effectiveness in providing premature ejaculation help, and they all rated it 4 to 5 stars in all 3 categories, with the average being 4.8 stars from all of them. Any all-natural pill that contains those two substances should give you an excellent opportunity to overcome premature ejaculation; particularly if the ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and are part of a maximum strength formulation. Consider Viconan. Scientifically researched and developed by a doctor, it not only contains the two best ingredients that provide premature ejaculation help, it also contains a number of other clinically proven substances that will benefit you in more ways than just that one. Rated #1 by men who have been taking it, Viconan helps increase blood flow to the genital area, which helps more than simply getting an erection, customers say it provides a rock-hard erection. Furthermore it contains Tongkat Ali, which is well known to increase testosterone levels by as much as 93%. Knowing how to overcome premature ejaculation can give a man the added confidence he needs to make love much more passionately, without the fear of only lasting a minute or two. And when you consider the added benefits that Viconan offers, it can be a game changer. The post How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation appeared first on Male Enhancement.

    Premature Ejaculation Pills—Drugs or Herbal Supplements?

    For every problem there is generally more than one viable solution, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there are many varieties of premature ejaculation pills. Although some matters have to be dealt with by drugs, many do not. Any time you can deal with a physical or psychological issue without having to take prescription drugs, you’re always better off. With most drugs comes the potential for harmful side effects, but with herbal supplements there are none. Though premature ejaculation is more common among men under age 40, it seems to affect about one out of three of all men who are sexually active, at least to some degree. Once a man experiences PE, if he could only forget that it ever happened, there’s a good chance it would just be an occasional occurrence. However, when it subsequently happens again, it most always is a problem that self-perpetuates, soon becoming difficult to overcome. Men are often prone to keep this problem to themselves, which is really not a good idea. If they would talk it over with their sexual partner, together they can usually find a solution that works in the interest of both parties. Nevertheless, when they fail to take it up with their partner, the only other person they’re likely to talk to about it is their doctor, and most traditional doctors offer a pharmaceutical solution. The drugs typically prescribed for premature ejaculation medication are called SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). For long-term effects, doctors typically suggest paroxetine or clomipramine. An alternative to those is dapoxetine, which is another SSRI, but is one that is taken on an as needed basis, usually a couple of hours before intercourse. The only other drug that has been proven to be effective is an analgesic pill called tramadol. Before rushing off to see your Doctor for a prescription, there are two considerations to keep in mind; 1) this is not a prescription that your health insurance is going to pay for, and 2) these drugs do not come without some potentially very frightening harmful side effects. They have been known to cause diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, and even the inability to achieve an orgasm. And if those side effects aren’t bad enough, some of these last for months, even years, and some never go away, though you may discontinue taking the SSRIs.You Can Get Effective Results with an Herbal Supplement—True or Hype? Just as no prescribed drug works for every person who takes them, neither do herbal supplements. Nevertheless, if you will take those which have been known to serve the same purpose for other men, you will most likely find that they will help you as well. Utilizing today’s scientific methods for clinically researching and testing herbal ingredients, much the same way as drugs are researched and tested, new herbal remedies are continually being discovered. For dealing with PE, the best herbal capsule to date should contain tribulus and ginseng. They are 100% all-natural herbs that when ingested affect a man’s ability to have better control over an orgasm, enabling him to last longer. In addition, the best herbal pills for lasting longer in bed will provide other key benefits as well; such as a firmer and larger erection, an increased libido, and a boost in testosterone. When you also consider the fact that herbal supplements carry absolutely no harmful side effects whatsoever, common sense would seem to dictate that you should at least give them a try. An herbal supplement that men who have been using it have rated #1, is Viconan. It contains all the right ingredients, but not only that; they are pharmaceutical grade, of the highest potency, and precisely combined in a maximum strength formulation. Viconan consists of a proprietary formula that has been researched and developed by a Doctor. One of the key ingredients is an herb called Tongkat Ali, which is known to increase testosterone levels by as much as 93%. With Viconan’s 60-day 100% total satisfaction guarantee, you cannot go wrong by trying them before taking a prescribed premature ejaculation medication with harmful side effects. Most men find that the extra benefits derived from taking Viconan have such an impact on their sex life, i.e. having a firmer and larger erection, and an increased libido; that they continue taking it regardless of whether it helps them overcome PE or not. Some men have found that taking Viconan in conjunction with using the stop-and-go method of controlling ejaculation, can be very successful. You and your partner simply stop in the middle of having sex, just long enough for your orgasmic feelings to subside, then pick back up where you left off. You usually don’t have to pull out, and some men find that putting a kind of choke hold just behind the head of the penis helps also. With a little practice this works quite well, particularly when combined with Viconan. The post Premature Ejaculation Pills—Drugs or Herbal Supplements? appeared first on Male Enhancement.